Michaël Betrian (21-9-1996)

Michaël Betrian is one of the world’s most prestigious diabolo jugglers in Europe. At the age of six he started to practice juggling and at the age of eleven he specifically started to focus on the ‘diabolo’. When Michaël turned thirteen in 2010, he kicked off his career at Hollands Got Talent and successfully reached the finals.

Michaël debuted at the Dutch ‘Circus Althoff’, where he could improve his first act: ‘Americano’. In 2012 he participated with his act in the European Youth Circus Festival in Wiesbaden (Germany), where he was awarded the first prize. In February 2014, he achieved another milestone; after performing at the world famous ‘New Generation Festival’ in Monte Carlo he was awarded the Bronze-Jr Clown for his outstanding performance. He received this award by princess Stéphanie of Monaco.

Michaël is renowned for innovating his skills and performances. In the past years, he has developed new acts such as, ‘Disco Diabolo’ based on the disco music of the roaring ‘70s, and ‘Impact’ which showcases a darker, electrifying, and distinctive performance. In 2016 until the beginning of 2017, Michaël joined the cast of the successful and box office hit ‘House of Horror’, by world famous illusionist, Hans Klok.

Michaël in Paris